So everyone knows by now that I am obsessed with Whataburger. I just love the freshness of it, the taste of the burgers, and the ketchup is the best ever!

As we have been reporting over the past few months, Whataburger is finally coming to the Southwest Louisiana area. The Whataburger location in Sulphur is currently being built and we have been giving you updates and providing pictures of the current build.

Photo provided by T-Man Hardy
Photo provided by T-Man Hardy

Once Sulphur is done, we assume the Lake Charles location will be the next one to be built. I thought that since Whataburger is coming to Southwest Louisiana, why not learn some fun facts and the history behind the legendary restaurant? Here are some fun facts:

  • Whataburger was started in Corpus Christie, Texas by Harmon Dobson on August 8th, 1950.
  • The first Whataburger's cost 35 cents
  • By 1960, 17 locations were open in Texas, Florida, and Tennessee
  • The Whataburger's were built in an A-Frame shape because the founder because he was an avid pilot and liked to be able to see his Whataburger restaurants from the sky.
  • The late Country music legend Mel Tillis was once a spokesman for the hamburger joint
Mel Tillis CMA Entertainer of the Year
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

I found a really cool video made by the YouTube channel Recollection Road that gives you the complete history of Whataburger from its humble beginnings to when it was sold by the founder's family in 2019.

During the video you are about to watch below, you will also learn some fun facts about the popular color scheme, the W brand, and more. Enjoy.

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