Sometimes, the thing you need to fear the most is smaller than you are.

We all have certain creatures that we are afraid of. Many are afraid of snakes, spiders and things that go bump in the night. Others are afraid of horses, dolphins and things that are featured in a cuddly cuties calendar. Either way, we wouldn't want to be caught near any of them. But what are the things that we should really be afraid of? You could be terrified of a snake, but your chances of encountering one and possibly losing your life may be slim. There are things out there that cause more deaths than others.

And they may surprise you.

A show called Man v Beast has brought light to this concept. As reported by Wide Open Country, we can see which animals cause the most deaths, broken down by state. According to their map, more deaths are caused by people "bitten or struck by large mammals" like a deer, moose, horse, or cow, among others. This is also true in Arkansas. These large mammals are the causes of death from animals that come in above the national average in these states.

How about Texas or Louisiana?

You would think alligators in Louisiana, but it's actually "contact with hornets, wasps, and bees." For anyone allergic to these, I can sense your fear right now. In Texas you are more likely to die from having "contact with other venomous anthropods." This could be spiders of scorpions. YUCK!

Surprisingly, Man v Beast says that deer have the highest likelihood of killing humans in America. Why you gotta do us like that, Bambi?

See more statistics here.

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