Seriously, I am not making this up. It is a real thing.

Apparently the last Monday of January is dedicated to the appreciation of bubble wrap. Who knew? My first thought when I saw this is probably what everyone else is going to think: Why is this a thing?

According to Punch Bowl, an American engineer named Al Fielding and a Swiss inventor named Marc Chavannes created Bubble Wrap in the late 1950s.

According to CNN, bubble wrap's original purpose was meant to be used as wallpaper. You can use that this Wednesday at The Morning Madhouse's Trivia Night at the Horseshoe Casino at 8.

So how do you celebrate this holiday? Well, you could wrap your pet in bubble wrap (safely). You could just carry around a large strip of bubble wrap and pop them all day. Whatever you choose you to do- Do it in honor of National Bubble Wrap Day.

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