Teachers Union President Jackie Lansdale talks about the Caddo Parish Schools plan to give special COVID sick leave only to teachers who have been vaccinated.

Details from an earlier  KEEL News story:

"A letter from Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree says employees who have been vaccinated will be eligible for paid COVID leave if they contract the virus.

But employees who are not vaccinated will be required to take sick leave if they get COVID.  This letter also says employees who are vaccinated with not be required to quarantine if they come in close contact to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19."

Here's what Lansdale told KEEL News Tuesday morning:

"What (Caddo Schools Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree) is saying is that if you get the vaccination and you get COVID," Lansdale says, adding that barely 50% of Caddo teachers have gotten the shot, "(Caddo) is giving additional sick leave."

And what does Lansdale, as union president, think of two sets of employees being treated differently? "We look at rules and policies and laws. It's not discrimination," she says, "I've been asked that many many times. It is not taking anything away from (teachers). We're not taking away sick days."

And Lansdale refers to the COVID days as "added value."

And how is the announcement of the policy being received among the rank and file? "Clearly, the ones who are against it are the ones who haven't been vaccinated. But there is no mandate that you have to get the shot. This is just the superintendent trying to encourage (teachers and staff) to get vaccinated so we can have school for boys and girls."

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