Rumors are swirling on the internet about Louisiana's own Sadie Robertson and country music super star Brett Eldredge!

Sadie Robertson, part of the West Monroe, LA Robertson clan known for TV show Duck Dynasty, stole America's heart when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars. The star stands strong with regard to her Christian values and on top of that, she's cute as a bug!

Brett Eldredge is arguably one of the biggest names in country music right now and he seems to skate from relationship to relationship. At one time there were rumors that  he'd be featured as The Bachelor on ABC. There have also been rumors that he dated his video co-star for his song Lose My Mind.

Now the internet is buzzing with a new rumor... Are Sadie and Brett dating now? There's been some suggestive social media posts and she plays the love interest in his new music video for The Long Way. The video was published to YouTube this week, but I have to be honest... Looking at their body language, I'm not buying it. I just don't see the chemistry. However, I'm all for Brett dating a local girl. After all, you could run into the two at Nicky's when they come to visit Sadie's mom and them!

The Long Way is featured on Brett's self titled album that came out in August.

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