Multiple AT&T customers are complaining about service issues on their iPhone.

With all of the devices in the world, I am shocked that we have not maxed out our WiFi or cellular service capabilities. My mind is way too simple to comprehend how we can all stay connected. Despite the magic of being able to pick up a rectangle and talk to Grandma across the country, there are some hiccups every once in awhile.

Like the nationwide outage that you may be experiencing now with AT&T.

According to WSVN, numerous reports of service issues have been popping up on social media. Customers have been tweeting AT&T saying that they are unable to make or receive calls. There have been tweets from all over the United States in just about every region.

AT&T has acknowledged this issue and recommends that users power down their phones for at least 30 seconds before turning the device back on. This should give the phone a chance to reconnect with the closest and strongest signal. Some customers say that one restart is not enough to fix the issue.

Should the restart not work, the company says that technicians are aware of the issue and are currently working on it.

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