If you ever doubted that the Dallas Cowboys are truly 'America's Team,' this might change your mind.

Clearly, we're interested in the Cowboys because of our local connection. It's not often that a rookie quarterback explodes onto the scene like Haughton's own Dak Prescott. Even people that root for other teams have found themselves on the Dallas bandwagon because of Dak's incredible story.

But if you doubted the power of the Cowboys, advance ticket sales for the Super Bowl say differently. According to ESPN, the Super Bowl ticket resale market slumped immediately following the Cowboys' loss to Green Bay Sunday night. Ticket prices dropped anywhere from 18-20%. 

Of course, the other teams in contention for the big game travel well, but not as well as a Dallas team playing in nearby Houston.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 5:30pm CST on Fox.



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