A recent survey conducted by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation shows that most of Louisiana would fail a U.S. citizenship test if it was handed out today.  Approximately 73% of the residents in the Bayou State would not receive a passing grade on the official U.S. Citizenship Test, the same test administered to those seeking to make America their new home legally.  According to KLFY, among the 27% who would pass - 5% would get an A, 5% would score a B, 5% would bring home the C and 19% would barely skid by with a D.

Although Louisiana's numbers are shockingly low, we aren't alone.  Nationally, only 40% of current American citizens would be able to pass the test.  The only state that can claim that a majority of their residents could pass the test if it was given right now is Vermont.  According to the results of the survey, an impressive 57% of residents in the Green Mountain State display an adequate level of knowledge required to call this country home.

Can you pass it?  Find out for yourself by clicking here.  I got an 84%  (Thomas Jefferson did not help write the Federalist Papers, apparently).

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