I'm not an LSU fan, I didn't grow up in SEC country, I'm from Michigan, I've only been to Tiger Stadium once...but damn do I love Ed Orgeron.

This man, this fire, this passion.

I played for a lot of football coaches in my life. I've played for reserved men who only raise their voice when you're about to get a finger in your face-mask and run laps. I've played for fiery guys who wanted to get in on drills during practice. But I never had the pleasure to play for someone who can inspire you through a screen, or with just audio, the way Coach O can.

Nine words. Just nine words can send shivers down your spine when spoken by this man.

"We're Coming. We're coming and we ain't backin' down."

The fire, that intensity...I'm watching these videos again and I'm getting fired up. I swear, I would run through a wall for this man. I'm almost angry that I didn't have a coach like this, a leader who could draw out this kind of fire.


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