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After LSU beat Clemson 42-25 to win the school's 4th National Championship, Head Coach Ed Orgeron joined ESPN's SportsCenter. The host giving the interview is long-time LSU supporter, Scott Van Pelt, so it was a pretty casual conversation. Including Coach Orgeron's plans for how to celebrate a National Championship in a city like New Orleans.

Coach O's plan? "Probably go get a ham sammich or maybe some boudin or something"

Van Pelt, being well versed in Louisiana, responded quickly by suggesting he do something more. Excitedly suggesting that Coach O find a gas station with some "chicken on a stick" or something.

This interview is 90% of the reason I love Coach O. He's as Louisiana as Louisiana gets. He leads the greatest season in college football history, caps it off with a National Championship, and the man just wants to find some boudin before getting back to work.

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