So all day the reports have been about "how safe Louisiana is" when it comes to Hurricane Irma. Then someone who lived through Hurricane Katrina said "this is the same way they talked about Katrina before it got here."

So I started researching the track of Hurricane Katrina...and it's kind of creepy to compare the two...

It's weather, so we have no clue what's going to happen. Well, that's not a fair statement. We have a clue, forecasters have a clue, based on what's happening with the atmosphere, but they had a clue in 2005 too.

Back in August of 2005, WDSU had radar, National Hurricane Center models, historical data...they had it all. But when it came to Hurricane Katrina, none of it helped.

Looking at high pressure over Louisiana moving the storm around, the storm not strengthening much, and eventually not touching Louisiana, their forecast was pretty off. In fact the quote of that forecast was "I don't think it's going to come our way. It would have to really come deep into the Gulf of Mexico, so that's not a likelihood."

So I don't blame those in Louisiana who lived through Katrina to not trust the forecasts when they see a similar track to Katrina, and hear a lot of the same things they did back in 2005, when they say they don't trust it.

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