You might have seen a few folks around town wearing the cutest shirts that have the saying "Blessings on the Bayou" with the state of Louisiana and a mardi gras mask on it. There is actually a very sweet story behind that shirt.

Photo by Amy and Daniel Williams

Daniel and Amy Williams are a local couple who are trying to adopt. They are selling the "Blessings on the Bayou" shirts in order to fund their efforts. Amy is a fourth grade teacher at Fairfield Elementary Magnet, while Daniel works at McElroy Metals. Check out the video below to hear their beautiful story.

As someone who knows that adoption is the only way for me to create a family- I connect with their story. These two amazing people seem like they would make great parents. If you wish to help fund their dream of having family check out how you can purchase a shirt here. Make sure to follow their story through their Facebook page or see them on ParentFinder!

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