I like to have a nice shiny car, but I am struggling right along with you as we have been invaded by love bugs.

Lets call them what they are, pests. The science world calls them Plecia nearctica which were first discovered in Louisiana in 1911. These freaky bugs leave a mess behind when they meet an untimely death with your car. In fact, paint experts say the acidic content in their tiny bodies can actually damage your paint job. You should wash them off of your car regularly.

Here are some of the top methods we found out about when talking to local garages/body shops.

A wet dryer sheet works wonders, but be sure to soak the area with water first. Once you have gotten them all off, be sure to wash your car.

Another mechanic told me Pam Cooking spray is a very good option. It will get the bugs off the paint and the windows. But you also have to wash your car good after this process.

If you want to stop by one of the big box stores, you can snap up some of that BEST Bug-Off Bug Remover Spray which will also do the trick. Or you can try the Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover.

Another home remedy that I use for only the windows is baking soda. It will get rid of all of the bug debris on car and house windows.

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