Tons of events are happening this weekend, but don't forget to take time to celebrate a national holiday- National Wine Day! There are many ways to celebrate National Wine Day, but of course the best way is to drink wine! Duh, but lets get creative.

  • You could drink wine with your cat with the new wine that is especially created for cats. BTW it is made with cat nip.
  • You could have a night out with your favorite wine-os! Maybe head over to 2 Johns or Vintage Wine Bar and Spirits for some sippy sippy or maybe another one of your favorite location in the area.
  • Binge watch that new show you have been dying to see on Netflix with a big ole bottle of Chardonnay!
  • Go on a hunt to find your favorite wine!

The day I moved to Shreveport, my mother had 3 things she had to do. One, she had to find a great place for brunch the next morning. We went to Julie Anne's Bakery and Cafe. Two, she wanted to eat sushi to celebrate. We went to Kabuki which is right down the street from the apartment. Three, end the night with some bottles of wine. To this day I have no idea where we went to pick up the best rose I have ever tasted. All I remember about the location is that it had a dining area along side the store area. I dream about that rose...

Also, Why not mix those yummy crawfish with some sippy sippy. Apparently Brookshires knows the best parings of wine and crawfish. They say that a good combo would be a nice Prosecco or Reisling would be a great mixture to set apart the spice from crawfish. So however you celebrate the holiday just have fun. Have fun today celebrating, but of course drink responsibly!

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