Between flooding and droughts, the weather alone in Louisiana can make life tough. When you add in our crime stats, our financial stability, road and workplace safety, you get a much clearer picture. That's what the folks at WalletHub did and it turns out Louisiana can be a pretty dangerous place to live.

According to WalletHub, Louisiana is the 45th safest state to live in... making it the 7th WORST when you factor in the District of Columbia. So what makes Louisiana so rough on it's residents? We rank 40th out of 51 when it comes to the safety of our homes and communities and 46th when it comes to our finances. 

Not to be out done, our roads aren't very safe ranking 39th and we aren't very safe in our workplaces either, where we rank 43rd. To top it all off, Louisiana came in 34th when it comes to natural disasters. When you consider a large part of our state is still trying to repair extensive flood damage over the past year, I'm surprised we're not ranked further down.

Sure, we have more than our fair share of bad roads and drunk drivers and we also have bugs and snakes that will kill you... but I've never really felt 'unsafe' before... but I better double check on the status of my concealed carry permit just in case.

Source: WalletHub

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