Slowly but surely all my friends are starting to procreate. Some got started several years ago and they're hitting me with random texts that have me telling my boyfriend that we need to write off the idea of kids! My friend William who is a single dad needs our help. He texted me last night with the most random question.

Krystal Montez

So the real question here is how much the tooth fairy should leave? I asked some parents in the office. I heard the classic "Make sure the tooth fairy isn't drunk because she may accidentally leave a $100" I am sure that parent wasn't speaking from experience right? I was also told that the Tooth Fairy normally pays more for the first tooth. Am I wrong to assume that $2 dollars for a tooth is too little? Parents, sound off here, help a fellow parent out. How much should the Tooth Fairy leave per tooth? Tell us in the comments below.