We're talkin' money honey! (And how we don't have any, lol). Seriously, we hardly ever carry cash any more, it's all debit card action for us. I (Tracy) have three dollars in my wallet right now. The only reason I have those three dollars is because I kept my husbands change last night when I picked up some Nyquil. How much money is in your wallet?


Does anyone use cash any more? It's just so easy to use our debit cards. I (Tracy) do sometimes get embarrassed when I use my debit card for purchases under three dollars. Three is the limit for me. . that's when it seems silly to use my debit card, but sometimes I have to. I've even added to my order just to make the total rise above the three dollar mark so that I don't feel so bad.

Here is the exact total that we have in our wallets right now:

Tracy: $3.64

Gary: $17

How about you?

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