According to an article written at the beginning of 2016 school year by Neat Today, "the spiral notebooks, scissors, glue sticks, and more that will cost about $200, on average, per elementary student this year, or $330 and $375 per middle and high school student, respectively."

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue
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Thinking about the families that have multiple of children in all different grades this can add up quickly. Not to mention, those estimates don't include new clothes and shoes or the regular bills on top of that.

Plus you have parents starting to speak up on the amount of supplies schools are asking parents to buy. For example, KSLA covered a story about a parent in Marshall, Texas who isn't happy about school supply list claiming that his community can't afford it.

With the new school year getting closer and closer, what do you think about the cost of school supplies?


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