In what might be the most selfish move ever, a resident of Russellville, Arkansas, located in Pope County, hosted a party while a person who lived in the residence was in quarantine for suspected coronavirus. The party happened over the weekend and after the party, the test was confirmed positive by health officials. 

The Arkansas Department of Health is working to identify everyone who was in attendance at the party to help minimize the spread of the virus. Apparently, the infected resident stayed in her room during the soiree at the home she shares with three others. However, isolating in her room didn’t necessarily prevent guests from being exposed. 

Looking at the Facebook post below, it’s clear, not everyone knew someone was under quarantine in the home when they attended the party. In my personal experience during my younger years, I don’t generally remember knowing everyone in attendance at parties... Maybe that’s just me. However, I hope authorities are able to track down everyone who was exposed and make enough of an example of these folks that no one else makes a boneheaded mistake like this again

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