It's a joke among my friends, you know when you've made it into Louisiana because your car will start to rattle. However, you're for sure that you made it to Shreveport when you need a sports bra to be able to drive around without worrying about your boobs jumping out of your shirt.

Why do I joke so much about Shreveport roads? I laugh to keep from crying, I was forced to purchase a new vehicle after I moved to Shreveport, because my car went on the decline after I made the move to Shreveport. Somehow the roads of Shreveport managed to get a rock to shoot under my vehicle damaging the radiator. Was my mechanic surprised? Not one bit, I remember he shrugged and said, "That's Shreveport for you.".

I hate that most Louisianans have just come to terms with the fact that Louisiana couldn't care less about making our roads better.

A new press release has me scratching my head wondering when our community can finally get the mediocre roads we deserve, we aren't asking for Texas roads, we just want to be able to drive without wincing. Turns out the average Shreveport driver is having to fork out $2,135 annually fixing our vehicles. According to a new report from TRIP (National Transportation Research Project), our roads are less than desirable. they described Shreveport roads as being "Deteriorated, congested, and that lack some desirable safety features."

Lack of funding is to blame specifically in the Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and Shreveport urban areas. Of course, we all know that the issues with the roads are statewide. The state of Louisiana clearly isn't ashamed of its reputation when it comes to the roads, otherwise, we would actively be looking for a solution and funding ASAP. TRIP calls for funding to fix the situation. "Increased investment in transportation improvements at the local, state and federal levels could relieve traffic congestion, improve road, bridge and transit conditions, boost safety, and support short- and long-term economic growth in Louisiana.".

Hopefully, Lousiana sees motorists losing a total of $7.6 billion statewide annually as a motive to make a change. Will they? Let's not hold our breath.

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