We were only able to ignore the popularity of Honey Boo Boo for so long. We finally caved--in a big way. And even though we aren't running around here without shoes on and we didn't spend our weekend at the expired bulk junk food auction, we did find out our Honey Boo Boo names: "Tootie Tantrum and Grace Mae Mae", c'mon, you know you wanna know yours. . . we won't tell.

Honey Boo Boo TLC

Honey Boo Boo Name Generator


Tracy Turner is "Tootie Tantrum"

Gary McCoy is "Grace Mae Mae"

Cory Ryan is "Candy Cane Raven"

Chris Evan the Kissin' Bandit is "Child Elmer"

Jason Aldean is "Jinxy Apple"

Miranda Lambert is "Mini Belle La-Di-Da" (That's pretty darn good)!

Blake Shelton is "Blessed Sparkal" (What the heck)?

Find out your Honey Boo Boo Name!


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