This isn't a laughing matter. I'm about to go Wicked Witch on some people...

The Wizard of Oz is the movie of my childhood. I can't count how many times I have seen it, but the number is certainly more than the number of years I have been on this earth. It was a staple in my home growing up, especially if I was sick at home. And trust me, I tried my hardest to play hookie just to watch Dorothy's beloved tale in Oz again and again.

So I take it personally when people mess with it.

According to Variety Magazine, a studio called New Line is going to rework the story into a horror film (because creative, new story lines in cinematography is overrated). New Line is a division of Warner Bros. and they have bought into a pitch from screenwriter Mike Van Waes. Reportedly, it is now in early development (this is where I begin a petition on New Line is also known for making low budget horror films like both Conjuring films and Lights Out.

Now, there has been no confirmation of zombies in the film, but there have been rumors. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wicked Witch's army of flying monkeys is replaced with dozens of flesh-eating undead.


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