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An 18 year old girl from New Jersey is suing her parents for private school tuition and cost of living. Rachel Canning, a high school senior and honor roll student says she was kicked out of the house when she turned 18 in October. Her parents say that’s not true. Sean and Elizabeth Canning say she left voluntarily because she didn't want to follow their house rules concerning curfew and chores.

Rachel, who is now living with her best friend and who’s family is funding the lawsuit was reportedly asking that her parents pay out more than $20,000. She’s seeking to have her parents settle a $5,306 private school tuition bill, pay living and transportation costs, legal fee’s of more than $13,000 as well as "commit" to an existing college fund.

The family who haven’t seen each other in 5 months was in family court yesterday where a judge rejected the teens request for money. The judge did however delay till next month a ruling on college tuition.