Joe Rickey Hundley of Idaho has been charged with slapping a toddler on a Minneapolis-to-Atlanta flight and he is now out of a job.

According to USA Today the 60-year old is no longer an employee of AGC Aerospace and Defense, Composites Group, Daniel Keeney of DPK Public Relations confirmed Sunday night.

Hundley was charged last week in federal court in Atlanta with simple assault for allegedly slapping a 2-year-old boy during the Feb. 8 flight. The boy's mother, Jessica Bennett, 33, told the FBI their flight was on final descent into Atlanta when her 19-month-old son started to cry due to the altitude change.

Hundley "told her to shut that (N-word) baby up," and then slapped him in the face, scratching the boy below his right eye and causing him to scream even louder.