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My family and I have found some pretty astounding neighborhoods in Bossier when it comes to Christmas lights.  It absolutely looks like more people are decorating for the season than ever.  On top of that, it seems like all those that choose to decorate are boing much bigger than in previous years.  As a fan of driving around and looking at Christmas lights - I like where this is going.

I'm not sure if this is a factor, but the latest report from Simple Thrifty Living has revealed a possible reason residents of the Sportsman's Paradise don't mind going all Griswold this Christmas.  As it turns out, running your holiday light display in Louisiana is cheaper than any other state in the nation!  It doesn't matter if you're running those old school incandescents or the much brighter and more efficient LED lights - you get more bang for your yuletide buck in the Bayou State.

According to the data, running the average amount of incandescent lights for the 34 day period (defined as the average time Americans flip the switch on their Christmas lights) in Louisiana only adds $13.94 to the electric bill.  In Hawaii (the most expensive state to show your holiday cheer) that number is $46.62 - putting the national average at $19.81.  For LEDs, folks that live in this state only fork out a paltry $5.04 for the same amount of lights for the same amount of time.

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