It's opening day of the Poke Salad Festival carnival in Blanchard and while scores of people will enjoy all of those activities, even more dedicated treasure hunters are still in pursuit of the $1,000 hidden somewhere in Caddo Fire District 1.

Speaking of the carnival, rides will be open today from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm, so that leaves plenty of time to do a little treasure hunting before hitting the Tilt-A-Whirl.

To get you going, here's the newest clue.

CLUE # 4: Oh woe was us where to shop, now it's like a quick stop.

And if you missed the previous clues, here you go.


Clue #3: Be smart passing by, don't get caught on the fly.

Clue #2: The main is close as a swoop but don't look in a coop.

Clue #1: With no need to dig, climb, dismantle, enter private property, or park dangerously in Caddo Fire District One, figure it out and be done. After locating the Treasure Card and acquiring a business card from Doug's Paint and Body Shop, follow the instructions and collect you $1,000.00.

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