I am far from a hockey fan. When I was growing up hockey was never a sport that we played nor was there anywhere you could go to play hockey if you wanted to. I have been told countless times to go to a Mudbug Hockey game. For one reason or another, I have skipped out on it. That was until Friday night, I put on 3 layers and headed out to my first Mudbugs Hockey game! Full disclosure, I showed up super late. Both Google Maps and your Maps on your iPhone will send you to the back end of George's Pond. Where it's locked up and there is no way to enter. It made for a frustrating 20 minutes trying to find where the heck to enter. Luckily I backtracked and was able to find the correct entrance.

It is cold, like take a blanket if you are easily cold or hate the cold. The snacks are affordable. I loved that I didn't have to pay $7 for a bottle of water. The beer isn't crazily overpriced either. I am bound to be in a good mood if the venue isn't charging crazy prices at the concession stand. I was not anticipating getting into the game. My boyfriend isn't a huge sports fan. However, he and a friend started yelling and getting into the game. Before I knew it I was watching on the edge of my seat. If you're like me and not easily amused by sports games, this is the sport for you to watch. You'll stay captivated. the fast-paced game makes for a quick 2 hours. I am planning on going back, I can't wait! If you have been putting off going to a game, do yourself a favor, and just go! To everyone that I ignored when you said it's a fun time at the Mudbugs games, I am so sorry I put it off this long.

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