Call your grandparents right away, you could be sitting on a goldmine.

In today's "Things You Never Would Never Guessed" news, 1970's porcelain pots are making a comeback... And I mean a big, big, BIG comeback.

How big you ask? Let's say thousands of dollars big.

On eBay, several 1970's-style porcelain pots have been sold for over $10,000. The value of the pot is greatly determined by the design on the outside, and of course the condition of the pot itself. wrote that the rare patterns like a Wild Flower or the Floral Bouquet are the styles racking up the big bucks.

Also, one more important note, the brand that's fetching these incredibly high prices is CorningWare. I'm not saying it has no value if it's not a CorningWare pot, but those are the ones valued at thousands of dollars.

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