It's National Margarita Day! Unfortunately my boss doesn't think that this calls for a half day. When someone is at work and you hear a shaker, and you stop and gasp, could it be? Maybe your boss finally decided to make work interesting and you turn the corner and realize it's just your co-worker with a weight loss shake. Just because you're stuck at work right now doesn't mean you have to miss out on National Margarita Day! I made a lot of phone calls today to make your booze fest easier, or so I thought. I could only find TWO places that are offering sweet deals on National Margarita Day. If you know of anywhere else having sweet Margarita deals let us know it the comments below!

Tamolly's: Take advantage of their $2 Margaritas all day long.

Chili's: Chambord Flirt margarita only $5 today.

Since today is National Margarita day, we hope you have a speedy recovery and show up to work tomorrow. Just a heads up boss man, tomorrow is low key National Hangover Day!

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