Once a year I get hit right in the feels with a song or a music video and I can't put what I feel into words. Today, Chris Janson has me feeling so many emotions. Chris Janson shut down Nashville's Broadway street and he and his grand piano took over. The music video, serves as a powerful reminder to men and women everywhere.

"Drunk Girl" takes you on a whirlwind of emotions and it follows a young girls life.  From the beginning you know something will make you tear up. The music video opens up with a warning "The following content addresses sensitive topics that might be upsetting to some audiences.". From seeing her mom suffer through domestic abuse to her being sexually assaulted at a party. Chris Janson claims he wrote the song with his children in mind. Janson hopes his kids know the importance of consent and it's a lesson many parents should teach their children. The powerful lyrics are only upstaged by the tear inducing video. Hey boys, take notes, this is how real men take a "Drunk Girl" home. Thank you for this Chris Janson, we needed this.

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