I have heard several stories of people through out history seeing spirits or ghosts right before something big happens. It as if the ghost or apparition was warning others about what is coming. Think of the Mothman, the legend is that sightings of the creature would go up right before something disastrous happens.

Apparently South Carolina has their very own Mothman type of legend. Southern Living explains the legend of "the gray man" as being a translucent gray figure that appears on Pawleys Island in South Carolina when a big storm is about to hit.

Of course with Hurricane Florence hitting the coast this morning some sightings of the gray man have occurred, according to Southern Living.

What I like about this legend is that the cautious spirit is friendly. Don't get me wrong he isn't floating around kissing babies on the foreheads, but he is threatening. The entity just shows up and then disappears. It is like the spirit is watching over Pawleys Island.

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