In yet another huge tech win for the Lone Star State, Google announced that would be making more than half a billion dollar investment to bring a large chunk of their operation to Texas.

On Friday, the data giant announced that it would be building a new data center in Midlothian.  This massive undertaking represents a $600 million investment, and will bring countless jobs to the area both in new employees and construction to build the new campus.  Google also announced a $100,000 grant to the Midlothian Independent School District specifically to benefit STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs within the district.  On top of that, the 3rd largest company in the world will also expand its operations in Austin by leasing 2, much larger buildings in the very upscale Block 185 and Saltillo areas.  According to FOX 7 Austin, Google employees are already on their way to staff the new digs.

With Apple's new headquarters in Austin, Facebook's giant solar farm in Odessa, and now Google massively upgrading its Texas digs - is the Lone Star the new Silicon Valley?

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