It is very seldom these days that we get to report good news on a story without having to also include a negative aspect of that same story during our narrative. Such is the case with Louisiana's fight against COVID-19. While the overarching news about the mitigation of the virus is good, there is a disturbing fact that has many in the healthcare field concerned.

Here's the good news. Louisiana's positivity rate is among the best in the nation. The state is also seeing a week-to-week downturn in cases in six out of the nine medical regions. Compared to the rest of the nation Louisiana is ninth lowest when it comes to new day-to-day increases in coronavirus cases and positivity rates.

The other important piece of good news that accompanies the previous good news is that our state is fifth lowest when it comes to COVID hospitalizations per capita. You might recall at the very beginning of the pandemic, Louisiana and the New Orleans area were leading the pack when it came to infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities.

The bad news concerns vaccination rates in the state. As things stand right now, about 27% of the state's adult population has completed their vaccination protocol. Department of Health Officials say that about a third of Louisiana residents have had at least one dose of vaccine. The problem that state health officials see with those numbers is the fact that demand and desire for vaccinations appear to be waning.

Governor Edwards told reporters yesterday that only 81% of the vaccines ordered by the state have been used. And with recent issues regarding blood clots with some of the vaccines available, there appears to be a growing hesitancy to get a jab among Louisiana residents.

Many facilities that are offering vaccinations are now taking patients with same-day appointments. In fact, CVS and Walgreens announced that it's possible for walk-in vaccines at some of their locations.

So, the bottom line on the vaccine is this. If you want a shot, you can probably get one today. If you have concerns about the vaccines, ask your doctor. If you're not planning on being vaccinated, then please take care of yourself and those around you. Only you can determine what is best for you and we support that.

Meanwhile, we can truly begin to focus on what's next. Which in our minds, might include these things.

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