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The Greenwood, Louisiana Police Department had an eventful day yesterday.  It all started with a flood of emergency phone calls claiming that a woman in a car travelling down an undisclosed road in North West Louisiana was spotted holding up a "Help Me" sign.  That launched a multi-agency search that involved law enforcement officials from at least two states, and that's just the beginning of this adventure.

According to WGNO, the search was successful.  After some time, the couple in question was located at the Outpost refueling station just off of I-20.  After questioning the man and woman, investigators learned that the couple had been arguing about gambling and the unnamed woman was reportedly "fed up."  She claims that she held the sign up out of spite.

When police on the scene ran the couple's license information, it turned out that they had outstanding warrants for their arrest out of Oklahoma.  Strangely enough, they weren't arrested and extradited - because the jail they would have been going to is being remodeled!

Police also reportedly found a meth pipe and other drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.  This also did not lead to an arrest, as officials wrote the pair a subpoena each and then sent them on their way!

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