We've all had relationships go bad. Sometimes love dies and in the manure that's dropped from a broken heart a white hot hatred grows. Perhaps it's the pain of pride that  pushes us beyond forgetting if not forgiving and into the abyss that is known as revenge.

I say if you're going to get back at someone, do it with style because class left the building a long time ago.




Old Car

Buy A Junk Car,Put It In Her Name And Park It Illegally : Here is a creative way one fellow got back at the former love of his life. He purchased an old junk car, had it registered in his former flame's name and then parked it the airport. The car then began to rack up parking fines, late fees and all sorts of other awful legal bills. The former flame is fighting the over $100 thousand dollars in fines and has hired an attorney to file a counter suit.




Remote control

Steal All The Remote Controls : This tactic only works on men. When you stop by his place for a final goodbye or to collect your things quietly and covertly collect his remote controls. It will drive him crazy when you finally leave and he wants to turn on ESPN. Men can not stand to have a remote controlled device and no remote to control it. You could literally send him into a deep depression by this simple yet very inhumane act. I suggest you only do this to a man you never want to see again because a man's remote control is almost as important as his other favorite thing to hold.





Use Ebay As A Public Forum: While all of your friends would be shocked at you for calling out an ex on social media such as Facebook no one will bat an eye if you try to recoup some cash by selling the items they left behind on Ebay. You just need to be creative in the items you choose. One jilted lady decided to sell her ex-husband's mistresses panties on line. Of course the undergarments were outrageously huge.  Another gent used the online auction site to sell his former wife's wedding dress. He was very descriptive in his information for prospective buyers. I think he was being a little vindictive. He got over 6 million views on his product and tasted sweet revenge in the process.




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Give His Car A Rattle He Can't Fix: Guys love their cars and trucks and we don't like it when they make noises we can't explain. One lady, who now runs a revenge site for jilted women, came up with an ingenious way to get even with her cheating  partner. She took the door off of his expensive car and placed a marble inside the vehicles frame. This might not sound like much but with every turn, stop, bump and maneuver the marble would make a racket. It took mechanics months to finally discover the marble. Also in the frame was a note from the jilted lover invite her ex to "go engage in activity of a sexual nature with yourself".




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Cook A Nice Meal With His Pet As The Main Course: I know the "rabbit on the stove" from Fatal Attraction comes screaming into your brain. In Pasadena Texas one lady was so irate with her former lover that she actually carried that scene out. Except it wasn't a rabbit,it was goldfish. When the victim, I guess he would be the victim, called police to say his goldfish had been stolen the police contacted the former girlfriend. When they arrived at her home they found three very small fried fish on a platter. When the police inquired about the whereabouts of the other fish, she indicated that she had already eaten them.


I hope your love life never turns this far south and if it does you will realize there is a reason why the two of you weren't meant for each other. I personally like the more subtle forms of revenge like using their email to take online surveys, calling and asking for door to door missionaries to come teach them more about God's plan for them and calling every insurance company that advertised in the middle of the night for more free information on their behalf.

I once knew of a former girlfriend that got a visit from a religious group, a hearing aid tester, a  vinyl siding company and a prearranged funeral planner all in the same day. She said she wanted to meet new people, obviously someone was trying to make her wishes come true.

When I quit drinking I called her and apologized for that.In case you were wondering if I was really that much of a donkey, I was but I'm feeling much better now.




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