The first time I remember wondering about the way a celebrity smelled was with Oprah. I'm not sure why I wondered what she smelled like, but I did. I just always figured she must smell really good. But here lately, I've been noticing all the celebrities that look like they smell to Russell Brand and Jack Black.

I'm not even sure why I think they smell bad, because when I did my expert research, they are not anywhere on the stinky celebs lists!

All these guys that have never crossed my mind... these people who are sometimes considered to be very beautiful... turns out are very stinky.

Matthew McConaughy has said he hasn't used deodorant in over 20 years... and you know, he ALWAYS looks sweaty.

Julia Roberts also supposedly doesn't wear deodorant.

Jessica Simpson brushes her teeth with her sweater and mouthwash.

Zac Efferon and Brad Pitt use baby wipes more than the shower.

David Arquette said Courtney Cox can smell like a truck driver if she doesn't watch it.

Jennifer Anniston smells like coffee all the time.

Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Robert Pattinson, Colin Ferrell...

Megan Fox, Cameron Diaz, Bobby Brown, Flava Flav, Pink, the list goes on and on and on.

Now, I personally haven't smelled them, and I can't think of any celebrity that I have met that HAS smelled bad and honestly, I can understand how it can be tough just with my own busy life... but yeah...kinda makes you think.


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