If you weren’t able to experience Geek’d Con 2018, you missed out! The Shreveport Convention center was full of people both in regular street clothes and dressed up in full on cosplay attire. So many people lined up to meet some of their favorite childhood heroes and their favorite actors. I met people from Arkansas, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas who all said their drive was totally worth it. Mick Foley, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Judge, John Wesley Shipp, Helen Slater, Erik Estrada, Mathew Wood, Dana Snyder, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Jonathan Lipnicki, Bryan Knobbs, Tim J Smith, and many more showed up to meet people from all over.

After seeing all the lines of people eager to meet their favorites, my friend Hillary and I decided we could try and make a buck or two as well. It turns out it’s difficult to make money at Geek’d Con. We asked several of the celebrity guests for their help and input on what to charge for our autographed photo and it's looking like we are sticking to radio.

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