Gary LeVox and his brother Kevin were forced to flee the Rascal Flatts singer's tour bus on Saturday morning (Jan. 6) after it caught fire. Fortunately, neither LeVox nor his brother was injured during the incident.

LeVox and his brother were headed to Louisiana for a hunting trip when the bus fire began; a video posted to LeVox's Instagram account shows white smoke pouring out of the bus' open door. The singer can be heard explaining sadly, "Well ... This is our Louisiana trip. At this point, our bus is on fire."

In the caption of his Instagram video, LeVox explains that the bus fire "happened so quick," but that he and his brother both got out safely. However, they brought ammunition with them, and it "could have been a different story if the ammunition would have caught fire."

"What a way to start 2018," LeVox continues. "Thank you Lord for your covering this mornin'!"

Another Instagram post from LeVox shows hunting gear sitting on the ground next to the bus, which is pulled over on the side of the road; in that photo's caption, the artist writes, "Not where I was wanting to watch the sunrise." Luckily, the hunting gear looks undamaged, and the bus looks okay from the outside.

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