Garth Brooks' daughter is an aspiring musician, but her superstar father says she's very independent when it comes to her music career.

Speaking to Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex, Brooks says his youngest daughter, Allie, just graduated college, and she's been bitten by the music bug.

"The crazy thing is, she's so stubborn. I don't know where she gets that from," Brooks says with a laugh. "She's gonna have to do this on her own. So she's just kinda digging in and getting started in the business, and it'll take her where she's supposed to go."

Garth's New Single Is "All Day Long"

The country megastar went to college on an athletic scholarship, and he says when his middle daughter, August Anna, was a pole vaulter in school, it gave him the opportunity to continue on with his javelin skills.

"You'd go over there, and they'd have javelins hanging out, and when she pole vaulting you'd go out and throw. It's a lot of fun, it's a great sport. It's a great art that I never perfected, but I sure love the guys who did."

Brooks recently released a new single, "All Day Long," and he has just announced that he is set to become the first artist ever to perform at Notre Dame Stadium. He's not yet announced a date for the show, but Brooks tells Taste of Country Nights he's also working on a new album.

"The album hasn't been named yet, but right now, the whole center focus of the new album is just having fun, and I think it shows up in the new single," he says.

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