After seeing a surge in passengers, the Shreveport Regional Airport is gearing up for more flights and more service.  That process will be even more feasible now, due to a recently awarded  U.S. Department of Transportation Small Community Air Service Development grant.  That means that the airport will receive $300,000 to use towards projects meant to better the experience for travelers.  Shreveport was one of 16 communities that received the grant money

The Shreveport Times reports that the airport will use the funds to help passengers understand the broad range of services offered at Shreveport Regional with a media campaign.  The hope is to educate the public on the services in order to help fill seats on airlines that operate out of the airport as these companies are increasing seating capacity on their flights for the summer months.

This grant comes at a very good time, too - the airport has recently lost several sources of funding that would have made the planned campaign otherwise impossible.

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