The generosity of Shreveport man became a nationwide news sensation recently. Alvin Bamberg was on his hunting lease in the Grand Cane area, when he spotted a deflated red balloon on the ground. And attached to the balloon was a note. Well, imagine Bamberg's surprise when he discovered that four-year-old twins from Liberal, Kansas wanted to get a hold of Santa through the power of helium. And shortly after, Bamberger decided to take the reins of Santa's sleigh and make the children's Christmas dreams come true.

"It was a star shaped mylar balloon," Bamberg says, "And at the bottom was a note, a little piece of paper, that was folded."

And what motivated Bamberg to answer the twin's - Gianella and Luna - note? "Well, (my wife) got on Facebook and shared it and asked anybody else who wanted to share it to do that. In less than twenty four hours we had 220 shares across the United States and we found the family.

It was then that Bamberg contacted the twin's parents, told them he'd found the girls balloon and said he wanted to get the pair Christmas presents.

Flash forward to a couple of days before Christmas, Bamburg, along with the generosity of his expanded Facebook community, had made the girl's wishes a reality.

There was one item on that list that proved to be very difficult to find not just for the twin's family but for Alvin as well, a small puppy. The Bamburg's hit the road and met the family in Oklahoma City, about halfway...with a dachsund puppy named Max.

"It was priceless," says Alvin, "It was cold and windy that day and I had the puppy tucked under my jacket. When I put him down on the ground and the little girls called the pup, he ran straight for them."

Here Alvin tell his own amazing story from his Thursday morning KEEL appearance.


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