Remember how that sweet little 11 year old stole our hearts and then took over the internet with his yodeling ways? Mason Ramsey is not just famous he's a super star. He's already been on stages like Coachella, the Grand Ole Opry, and Stage Coach.  Lil' Hank's new song "Famous" sounds like something out of a Florida Georgia Line album. Mason Ramsey traded in his yodeling for a sweet little love song. "Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool to be on T.V. So all the folks back home can see me. And then I'm livin' it out. All the things I used to dream about". You can listen to "Famous" below.

Mason Ramsey signed with Atlantic Records and the Big Loud label. The same label as Jake Owen. If you're wondering how long it's been since an artist has been signed at such a young age you'll have to take it back to 2000 when Billy Gilman was signed. The sweet little yodeling Walmart boy is making history. So if you want to become famous, learn to yodel, hang out at the crock pot aisle at your local Walmart and yodel away. One request, don't lose that yodel little Mason Ramsey, we are cheering you on!

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