I feel like this mostly happens when we're out on the road.

Recently I found myself mad at someone for getting mad at me for doing something that I would get mad at them for doing. Huh? Ok, let me explain.

The other day, my husband and I ran a quick errand to Walmart. I dropped him off at the front and then circles the parking lot. I could have just parked in a designated space, but instead I decided to creepily park near the front entrance. Like, right by the door in a spot that is not designated for parking. No, I didn't turn on my emergency flashers because this was not an emergency. Those lights are not loadin- Ok, I'll stop. That's another pet peeve for another day.

So as I'm waiting for my husband, I see a car pull up very close to mine, wait, and then honk emphatically at me before pulling around in a hurry. I thought, "take a chill pill, man" before realizing, I probably would have done the same thing. Ok, maybe I wouldn't have laid on the horn, but I would have gotten upset that someone would park somewhere you're not supposed to park.

Isn't it funny that we can get mad at someone for doing the same thing that we ourselves are guilty of? It's like we're upset that someone else is getting away with the same transgression. "You can't do that, only I can!"

Human nature, I guess.

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