I guess whether or not this giant bird actually terrorized the citizens of Oxford MS is up for debate. It would probably depend upon your definition of terrorizing actually.

To me any bird that is taller than me and could do me harm would be considered a terror. I'm glad to know that many people in the Oxford community shared my point of view.

Here's the comical part, the flightless bird managed to evade Mississippi law enforcement officers for more than four days. To be fair these officers were trying to capture the bird alive without harming it. I am pretty sure even an average police marksman could bring down a six foot tall bird with one round from his or her service revolver.

Based on what Lafayette County Mississippi deputies had learned about the bird is that it was kept as a pet. The family that owned the bird moved away. That's what you call good people right there. Yes, that's sarcasm. That's when the bird took it on the lam and wandered some five miles from its original home.

Officers were able to finally corral the emu when it became entangled in a barbed wire fence. Deputies were able to successfully free the bird from the fence and bring the bird to a new home. The bird suffered only a few scratches on its neck and was otherwise in good condition. A farmer who raises emus agreed to take the bird.

Savannah Simpson captured actual video of the escaped emu and uploaded it to her Twitter account.

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