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Here’s something I bet Gary is all for… It’s the newest craze on the internet… called a fish bra… Yep, the latest ‘thing’ is to take a topless photo with all of your ‘assets’ covered up by a fish… or fishes if need be... Heck, even a minnow. BTW, you’re supposed to take the pic on a boat, so don’t hold up a bag of cat fish in front of your chest at the local Piggly Wiggly.

@Lexxhidalgo showing off her new #MahiMahiBra. Looks good babe. #myFishBra #FishBras

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Lamar Odom is back at it… He got kicked off a plane for being wasted after being seen leaving  the ‘ballet’ with an unidentified woman earlier in the day.

Looks like they’ll do anything for ratings on The Bachelorette. One of this season’s contestants is Jordan Rodgers, brother of Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Apparently the two don’t have a very good relationship and word is that next week’s episode during hometowns is going to focus on the Rodgers’ family drama. And here I thought it was all about looking for love… FYI, Aaron is currently dating Olivia Munn and it’s looking like she might be part of the trouble between the two brothers.

If you’ve ever been picked on or bullied, remember that you can rise above it. Chase Bryant says he was always the odd kid in school and that he was picked on but that doesn’t happen anymore.

Celebrity Birthdays July 13:
Harrison Ford 74
Patrick Stewart 76
Ken Jeong 47

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