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In my heart she will always be America’s sweetheart and I have what are probably unrealistic expectations about living the fairy tale! But sadly, a moving truck was seen at Julie Roberts house and this is in the midst of rumors that she and her husband Danny Moder are having problems. Word has it that he didn’t go to Julia’s mother’s funeral earlier this year and that she’s also sick of paying for his father’s mortgage. There’s nothing like family and money issues to play havoc on a relationship.

If this is true, this is so cool! Do you remember Quentin Tarantin’s movie Pulp Fiction? According to Reddit, they got their hands on a casting shortlist that considered Denzel Washington for the role of Vincent Vega, who was played by John Travolta and Eddie Murphy as Jules, who was portrayed by Samuel Jackson. Can you imagine Butch being played by Johnny Depp instead of by Bruce Willis? Or how about Marisa Tomei as Mia instead of Uma Thurman? Mind boggling!

If you’re looking to expand your DVD collection, here are a few new titles out today: Furious 7, Cinderella and the movie about Brian Wilson, Love and Mercy!

Marvel fans, you’re getting a really cool pairing! Apparently, Rachel McAdams is joining Benedict Cumberbatch in the new Marvel Comics movie Dr. Strange.

I’m not sure how this is supposed to work exactly, but word has it that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are going to voice their characters from Back to the Future for a new Lego game.

Watch out Frozen, the Minions are closing in on you and are now the second  highest-grossing animated movie of all time at $1.08 BILLION… Frozen will be safe for a little bit longer in first with $1.27 BILLION!!!

This is something to set the DVR for… a dozen plus of Bill Cosby’s accusers will be speaking out during an A&E special Thursday night.

Here’s another DVR alert. South Park’s season premiere is tomorrow night and they’ll be taking on Caitlyn Jenner and Deflategate.

You have to admit, they’re the only two people you can tack the word ‘the’ on in front of and people know who you are talking about… You know, THE Donald? THE Arnold. Nevermind! I digress! Here’s the scoop. Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking over for Donald Trump on the Celebrity Apprentice and believe it or not, THE Donald actually approves!

Celebrity Birthdays September 15:
Jenna Marbles 29
Prince Harry 31
Lisa Vanderpump 55
Dan Morino 54
Heidi Montag 29
Oliver Stone 69

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