Six days a week, Gary and Bristol get up before the sun shines to bring you the latest from Nashville, New York City and Hollywood with Entertainment this Morning!

If you were feeling bad about Peyton Manning retiring… Don’t! Apparently he’s made $248 million while playing in the NFL, more than any other player in NFL history. Forbes says he’s made an additional $150 in endorsements. Not bad for a Louisiana boy!

American Idol is back tonight and that’s when we’ll find out if Louisiana’s own Mackenzie Bourg will make it to the top six.

Dos Equis is getting a new Most Interesting Man in the World. 77-year-old Jonathon Goldsmith repped the company for 10 years, but they’re looking for a younger model.

There’s a new Sharknado on the way this July… can you believe it’s the 4th?!?!? Gary Busey is going to join the cast playing Tara Reid’s character’s dad. Speaking of Tara Reid, she’s going to be in Shreveport with us the month after the movie comes out for Geek’d Con August 19 – 21, 2016 at the Shreveport Convention Center. In addition to the Sharknado movies, Tara is known for her roles in the American Pie movies, The Big Lebowski , My Boss’s Daughter and more!

Randy Houser shared some personal tidbits during a session of ‘10 Things You Don’t Know About Me.’ So what did he reveal? He likes Mississippi Mules, is scared of snakes and keeps a gun in his underwear drawer… You know, where it’s easily accessible!

Celebrity Birthdays March 10:
Carrie Underwood 33
Chuck Norris 76
Emily Osment 24
Olivia Wilde 32
Sharon Stone 58

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