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Cowboy NationEzekiel Elliot
rear ended another car near the Cowboys’ practice facility yesterday but he’s all good
Will Smithin talks to star in a live-action remake of Dumbo for Disney

Blake Shelton is hitting the road with his season 11 winner of The Voice Sundance Head. The other opener is Raelynn. Sadly, I don’t see any dates in Louisiana or Texas as of now.

proud to announce that im going on tour with Blake Shelton in feb. ill post dates soon. see you there.#FAMBASE

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I’m a fan of Amazon because you can find pretty much anything that you want… Including 46,886 Carrie Underwood items including underwear, pillow covers and even a non-slip doormat!

Celebrity Birthdays January 12:
Naya Rivera 30
Kirstie Alley 66

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