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Star has ‘source’ that saying that Angelina Jolie wants a divorce from Brad Pitt because he’s allegedly having an affair with Selena Gomez.

This is so funny to me! Apparently before the Rocky movies, Sylvester Stallone worked at the Dover Deli in Manhattan where we was arrested for throwing a chicken in a customer’s face!

Dustin Lynch says he’s getting more and more TV time and he loves it. Hopefully not so much so that he quits the stage though! Dustin says, "We're starting to see TV opportunities come our way, which is great. I love being on camera, hosting red carpets. I love all of it."  Don’t forget that Dustin will be here with Luke Bryan March 12 at the CenturyLink Center… If he needs some time in front of a camera, I’m more than happy to bring mine into the studio! somehow talked Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell into playing a game of ‘Never Have I Ever.' Luke admitted to peeing in the pool and losing his board shorts. He also says he’s never lost his trunks in the ocean BUT he did lose his Jams (board shorts we used to buy back in the day at Gadzook’s at Pierre Bossier Mall) while inner-tubing at a church trip here in Louisiana! Cole said he did a David Hasselhoff Baywatch run on the beach and says he’s never worn Speedos. Of course Cole is in town tonight playing Municipal Auditorium!

Celebrity Birthdays February 18:
John Travolta 62
Matt Dillon 52
Molly Ringwald 48
Vanna White 59
Jillian Michaels 42
Jeremy White 25
Cybill Shepherd 66

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