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When the original Top Gun was released in 1986 it grossed $350 million dollars and it looks like they’re going back for round 2. During an interview last year celebrating the 30th anniversary of the movie, Jerry Bruckheimer said that Tom Cruise would be a part of the sequel. Cruise has confirmed that Kenny Loggins’ song Danger Zone will be in the new film and Kenny is hoping for a cameo!

Brett Eldredge has been singing to his sleeping dog again! This time he did it for Valentine’s Day and even included a message to his fans!

Heres My valentines song To: you Love: Brett and @edgarboogie

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Big news for Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren! Not only did they recently find out they’re expecting and due in August, they’re working to adopt a baby from Africa.

Celebrity Birthdays February 16:
John McEnroe 58
Elizabeth Olsen 28
Ice-T 59

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